Treating of foot related issues

PodiatryPodiatrists are those who are responsible of maintaining the good health of all the members of your family. In Mandurah, 4 Life Podiatry is a well-known clinic of multidisciplinary allied health. Different types of services like hydrotherapy, exercise physiology, remedial massage, physiotherapy and clinical pilates are provided to all the patients who opt for getting treated in 4 Life Podiatry. The Mandurah area is serviced by the podiatrists that surround Meadow Springs Community, Greenfield and the Halls Head. A minimum of thirty minutes of consultation for all the patients is provided to by 4 Life Podiatry.

Latest diagnosis, assessment and treatment of your health issues are offered to a patient at 4 Life Podiatry. The system of your condition and underlying cause of your pain or injury is thoroughly treated, diagnosed and assessed by the podiatrists at 4 Life Podiatry. You will recover fully from your health issue with the help of the podiatrists of 4 Life Podiatry. The treatment will also make sure that you don’t get affected by the same condition again. The things that you love to do can be had back by you after getting the treatment from 4 Life Podiatry.

Plantar Warts, Corns and Callus

On the balls of the feet or the top of the toes, corns and calluses are often caused. Permanent curative treatments are provided to the patients who are suffering from plantar warts, callus and corns by 4 Life Podiatry. Weight of the body is absorbed by the feet while walking. The constraints and pressure of the shoes are also tolerated at the same time. The unbalancing pressure will cause extra friction on the foot. Unbearable pain will be caused on calluses and corns due to this condition.

A qualified and experienced podiatrist should perform the removal of calluses and corns from the feet because most of the time feet become heated and moist inside the shoes. The development of an infection will never happen, if treated properly by a professional podiatrist. The foot health will be maintained with the help of expert advice and information. This information includes –

  • Friction will be reduced by proper footwear advice of the expert podiatrist.
  • Future calluses and corns will be reduced or eliminated by using custom made orthotics.
  • Creams, toe protection and padding should be used by you to reduce corns and calluses.

Laser Therapy

One of the most effective pain free therapeutic treatments is the Low Level Laser Therapy, also known as LLLT. A number of soft tissue conditions like oedema, nerve pain, heel pain, scar tissue, Tendinopathy and fibrotic tissue can be treated with the help of LLT. Electromagnetic energy is delivered into the tissues of the foot when a laser light is used in this therapy. Tissues are repaired and metabolic changes in the cells are caused by this electromagnetic energy. Pain can also be relieved with the help of LLT.

Avail the quality services of 4 Life Podiatry by taking the appointment of the qualified podiatrist so that all your health issues can be treated.