Eating food to help you lose weight

SpirulinaYes, you read that right! Consumption of Spirulina can help you get rid of all the excess fat in your body giving you a toned body physique. Recognised by the United Nations as the “Best Food for the Future”, Spirulina belongs to the category of algae which breed in the warm waters. Rich in nutrients, these blue-green algae are considered to be one of the oldest forms of life existing on the earth. This unicellular organism has a remarkable feature of producing oxygen in a huge amount more than what was required for survival 3.5 billion years ago. This alga has turned into a staple diet for the people residing around Lake Texcoco where it was initially harvested by the Aztecs five thousand years ago.

Around the late 1970’s this alga gained popularity due to its outstanding features and usage and become known to the people in the Western world. Now, it is manufactured on a very large scale and serves as Spirulina for weight loss.

Health facts about Spirulina

Spirulina has also been acknowledged by the NASA who were mesmerised by its composition. You name it and this alga has it.

All vitamins, proteins, minerals and other fatty acids useful for the development of the body can be found in this one. This all in one complete food could be very useful to the people going on long-term missions to space. This food product consists of a chemical substance known as tryptophan, which is known to have properties to lighten your mood. Phenylalanine, a weird chemical which sends signals to the brain that the stomach is full, is mainly responsible for the decrease of diet in the human body.

To add to all these remarkable chemicals is also tyrosine. This is often termed to be a happy chemical as its properties are known to affect the pleasure and alertness of the person. This can also help to decrease the appetite of a person.

Ways in which Spirulina helps to reduce weight

This wonder food product can help reduce weight without causing any side effect to the body in the following ways:

  • Reduces sugar level in the blood: The primary condition to lose weight is low blood sugar level. Unlike other dietary supplements which increase the blood sugar levels that further increase the rate of flow of insulin, this alga reduces the sugar level in the blood.
  • Curbs hunger: It is a common myth that having less protein containing food would make you slimmer. Rather, by following this logic, one is likely to become fatter because the lack of protein makes a person feel all the more hungry. Spirulina can come to your rescue in this regard. This consists of 60 percent protein which can help you lower your appetite making you slim ad trim again.
  • Augments energy: Containing an array of vitamins, these algae are best suited as a workout supplement which helps to boosts your energy levels.

Spirulina has been rightly declared as the Food for the Future. Apart from reducing weight, it also strengthens your immune system. Thus, if you are on a lookout for a good natural dietary supplement, this one is a must try.