All about extractions of giant comedones

giant comedonesFor the ones who do not yet know, comedone is another name for blackheads and white heads erupting on the skin. The whiteheads are regarded as closed comedones and the blackheads are termed as open comedones. When your skin secretes excessive secretes oil, it tends to get trapped in the skin pores. This oil, better known as sebum, ends up blocking the skin pore and hence causes these eruptions to arise. Comedones are quite a common problem. It is possible to keep it at bay, by keeping the skin completely clean of oil. But, it can also get highly severe and ugly. This is when the blackheads or whiteheads become huge and need to be treated medically. Given below is all you need to know about extractions of giant comedones.

Why should giant comedones be extracted?

Comedones by itself are irritating enough. But the moment the problem becomes severe and they become giant comedones, it becomes important to intervene. The blackheads and whiteheads happen due to blockage of skin pores. If the pores are open, the air touches the sebum, thereby oxidizing the area and making it look back. Whiteheads, on the other hand, remain within a layer of skin cells. When the comedones become too big, it is regarded as a form of epidermal cyst. They should be extracted because otherwise the bacterial infection may spread inside, thereby worsening the condition. Even though they are less severe than some types of acne, they should nonetheless be removed from the area.

Why professional help is better option

When you have tiny blackheads, in non sensitive areas of your face, it is possible to squeeze them out using homemade remedies. Whiteheads are not that easy to remove as they are under skin cells. When the comedones grow big, they cannot be extracted in homemade efforts of extraction. This is when opting for a professional dermatologist is a better idea. This is because, when removing giant comedones one has to be very careful and precise. Otherwise, he or she may end up breaking the skin tissue the wrong way and end up scarring the area badly. If there are capillaries inside, inept attempts of removing the comedone might break them too. a dermatologist is well trained in this particular extraction process. He has the necessary extracting equipments and will be able to maintain the requisite sanitary standards. Besides, if you want giant whiteheads to be removed, then a dermatologist is the best option as he will be able to create the right amount of incision and get the trapped sebum out. Getting comedones extracted at a dermatologist also ensures that the bacterium in the comedone does not spread to other skin areas.

Extraction gives freedom from comedones

When you have giant comedones extracted in a clean, fool proof way, then you can be assured that it will not appear again. This is the nature of comedones. Once they have been properly extracted from their roots, it does not reappear. You have to keep the skin oil free though.